Anonymous asked: Your blog got boring.... you rarely post anything.

I go to uni and lately it’s been very busy. I’ve got other stuff to do besides this blog xx

Anonymous asked: Hey! I'm reading Nancy Jo's book based on the article she wrote for VF and I have a doubt. Maybe you can help me. Do you know who was the Oscar winer Alexis said she dated back in 2010 (when she was interviewed)? Nancy dosn't metion the name and I didn't find it online :P Thanks! Ps.: Sorry 'bout my english lol

Your English is perfectly fine! I have been asked this before and have been looking all over, but I can’t seem to find it either, Maybe there is someone here who can help? xx

Anonymous asked: Hi! I recently stalked @BlingRingUK on twitter to see if they followed Nick & Alexis (they did) and they followed a Diana Tamayo do you know if she has a twitter? It's a little confusing! Thank you. xx

I just had a look and it’s not the same Diana Tamayo xx

Anonymous asked: Are these old or new photos you're posting?

Some are old and some are new! xx