Anonymous asked: Did all of them stoped being friends from the moment they got arrested?

Three weeks after they all had been arrested, Courtney had her 19th birthday party at Les Deux. Rachel an Diana came and celebrated. Nick was not invited because he told the police about their crimes a month before.

After her birthday, Courtney mentioned she was not friends with Nick anymore. A video later posted on TMZ made it clear that, even after Nick was arrested on September 17, 2009, Courtney continued to visit him in his room.

Anonymous asked: I've only heard of the bling ring movie with Emma Watson! Do you have a link for the other one?

There was a TV movie made back in 2011. Austin Butler played in it. I can’t find a link online that works anymore. Maybe you can try and download it?

That is the torrent link. xx

summerscarlets asked: Have you posted the video of Nick smoking? I know it was real. If not, could you, or do you not have it? I know it is very old.

Yes I have, but a really long time ago! I’ll just reblog it so you won’t have to scroll all the way back xx

The 'Let's go shopping' video.

Anonymous asked: I know there are 2 bling ring movies, but apparently there is something called Let's Go Shopping which iis really short and based on the bling ring but I can't find it online - do you know anything about it?

I know you’ve asked this a really long time ago and I’m sorry for replying this late, but I didn’t want to awsner your question with ‘I don’t know’. It took me a while to find the video, but I will post it in a minute! xxxx

Anonymous asked: Nick was hanging out with some not so great people and tess tried to show him what a bad influence they were, but Nick just got angry and him and his friends started throwing tess' past into her face and that is why they fell out x

Thanks for sharing! xx